City of St. Augustine requests approval to establish an Idle Speed No Wake boating-restricted area within Hospital Creek

by Florida Fish and Wildlife 11th April 2023


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that on April 6, 2023, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (Commission) received a complete application from the City of St. Augustine requesting approval of an ordinance to establish an Idle Speed No Wake boating-restricted area within Hospital Creek pursuant to Section 327.46(1)(c), Florida Statutes (F.S.) and Rule 68D-21.004, Florida Administrative Code (F.A.C.). 


The Idle Speed No Wake boating-restricted area would be within a portion of Hospital Creek and the Matanzas River (see attached map for details). The City of St. Augustine contends that the boating safety zone is needed to protect public safety from hazards such as blind corners and vessel traffic entering and exiting Hospital Creek. The City of St. Augustine is required to provide competent substantial evidence that the ordinance establishing the boating-restricted area is necessary to protect the safety of the public.


As a part of the City of St. Augustine’s ordinance review application, they have provided evidence in support of the proposed zone to the Commission. At this time the ordinance has been approved by the Commission based upon the evidence submitted.

As required by Rule 68D-21.001(3), F.A.C., the City of St. Augustine has published as provided by Sections 50.011-.031, F.S., once a week for two consecutive weeks, notice of the public hearing on their ordinance in a newspaper of general circulation in the area affected by the ordinance.


PUBLIC PARTICIPATION: Pursuant to Rules 68D-21.002, and 68D-21.003, F.A.C., comments regarding this request will be accepted no more than 21 calendar days from the date of publication/distribution of this public notice.  Public may provide written comments, recommendations, requests, inquiries, or other correspondence to the Boating and Waterways Section at 620 South Meridian Street, Tallahassee, FL 32399-1600; or by email at The Commission will conduct a public hearing within the City of St. Augustine if a written request for such a hearing is received within 21 days following this notice. 


DUE DATE: Monday, May 2, 2023 (5:00 PM EDT) 


A COPY OF THE APPLICATION CAN BE OBTAINED BY EMAIL (IN PDF FORMAT) OR BY US MAIL. Please submit your request directly to or contact Boating and Waterways Section at (850) 488-5600.

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11th April 2023 5:50 pm.
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