Bear Spray vs. Pistol: Which Is Better for a Bear Encounter? (Tip)

by Recreation 00:03:19
In this tip, hunter and backcountry hiker Dan Pickar discusses the advantages and disadvantages of using bear spray or a pistol for defense when hiking, camping or hunting in grizzly bear country. Each tool has benefits depending on the situation. What is your preference? Leave a comment below. Subscribe to this channel for more outdoor and hunting tips. Tap the bell to get notifications and never miss a new video! What attracts a bear? Find out more: Learn more about how to recreate in bear country: Tag along on Dan's wilderness bow hunt in grizzly country next: Eastmans' subscriber and grizzly attack survivor Bob Legasa returns to the woods to bow hunt elk again: To read more about precautions to take when hunting in bear country pick the 2018 June/July issue of EASTMANS' HUNTING JOURNAL. #tip #grizzlybear #eastmanshuntingjournals --- Join Eastmans’ Social Media Facebook: Instagram: @eastmanshuntingjournals Eastmans’ Blog: Eastmans’ Forum: Shop: Check out Eastmans' TagHub the ultimate hunting research tool! It's digital, customizable with over 500,000 data points:
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