Escapees RV Club- Start Today!

by Recreation 00:03:50
If you're looking for an RV club that offers you discounts, education opportunities and community support, you've found it! Escapees RV Club is one of the oldest RVing groups in the country, founded in 1978. If our members are any indication, we'll be around for many years to come! Our founders, Joe and Kay Peterson, began Escapees from a desire to bring RVers together. Building community has remained a core value of our RV club. As we grew, Escapees developed additional programs to meet more of RVers' needs. From RV maintenance to mail forwarding, Escapees RV Club offers solutions for all of your RVing needs. One of these programs is Xscapers, a like-interest group focused on the needs of working RVers, otherwise known as digital nomads. We are excited to welcome this new generation of RVers to the club, bringing us back to our roots. No matter where you go, you'll always have a friend down the road. To find your place in the RVing community, visit!
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