Fleetwood Discovery LXE Luxury Diesel RVs at MHSRV 2017 2018 40X 40G 40E

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CLICK FOR DISCOVERY PRICES http://www.mhsrv.com/fleetwood-rvs/fleetwood-discovery-lxe/ Click for all Fleetwood RV Prices http://www.mhsrv.com/fleetwood-rvs/ All materials and music used in this video have been paid for and are licensed to use. Manufacturer's options, features, colors, floor plans, etc. are subject to change without notice. Some furniture, carpeting, and decorations may be for demonstration only and not be a part of the available features list or sale price. Every effort has been made to insure the accuracy of the information in this video and it is deemed reliable, but not guaranteed information. Any weights and sizes expressed are approximates and may vary from floor plan to floor plan and are not guaranteed to be 100% accurate. Some visuals may not be of actual unit, chassis, etc. for sale and be used for demonstration and or video production value only. +REVGroup.com All REV Group and their companies information was at time of video production and all information used in this video was supplied by revgroup.com or its representatives. Please visit revgroup.com for complete and up to date manufacturing information. fcccrv.com All Freightliner Chassis information including, but not limited to V-Ride, 24/7, Ultra-Steer and Oasis was provided by fcccrv.com, FCCC video channel and fleetwoodrv.com at time of video production. All Fleetwood Discovery features including, but not limited to options and construction highlights provided by fleetwoodrv.com and or its representatives. MHSRV assumes no liability for any of the information provided in this video by these various companies. *Any references to #1 are per the official stat surveys of Statistical Surveys Inc. for American built motor homes at time of video production unless otherwise stated. Thank you for watching our video. Everyone at Motor Home Specialist appreciates your interest and if you have any questions concerning our videos or available products please let us know. MHSRV.com or 800-335-6054 - Why pay more? Why settle for less?
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