Incredible Stunning Massive Pacific Ocean Waves at Cape Disappointment (clear, bright 1080p HD)

by Recreation 00:09:52
At Cape Disappointment, Washington State, astonishingly high waves explode skyward when storm and sea conditions are just right. This video captures the biggest and best waves of one of those marvelous days: February 23, 2013. The amazing ocean action is shown both with the waves' incredible thundering roar, and also with the hauntingly beautiful music of Rho. Cape Disappointment got its name from the many failed attempts of early European explorers to safely cross the sand bar in the Pacific Ocean mouth of the mighty Columbia River. The Cape Disappointment Lighthouse, shown in this video, was constructed in 1856 to warn ships about the treacherous Columbia River sand bar known by then as "the graveyard of the Pacific." This is the oldest functioning lighthouse on the West Coast of North America. Please visit my beautiful photography website and my Facebook page for incredible high-resolution photographs of the waves shown in this video, along with wildlife and the majestic wild scenery of the Pacific Northwest.
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