GoPro: Conor kennedy - Haleiwa, HI - 02.27.17 - Surf

by Recreation 00:00:42
GoPro of the World powered by Surfline has expanded categories for the 2016-2017 season, welcoming back Best Wave and introducing Best Photo and Capture Different (aka Most Innovative GoPro Moment).        This year’s GoPro of the World is ready to put its money where its lens is with $25,000 cash up for grabs!     Monthly Winners receive:  ·         $1,000 for Best Wave  ·         $500 + GoPro Kit for Best Photo  ·         $500 + GoPro Kit for Capture Different     Grand Prize Winners receive:  ·         $10,000 for Best Wave  ·         $2,500 for Best Photo  ·         $2,500 for Capture Different      More prize money, expanded categories and creative judging: It’s not the same GoPro of the World anymore. It’s GoPro of Your World.
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