Wind River Range Backpacking Fishing & Photography (Island Lake, Titcomb , Shadow Lake, East Fork)

by Recreation 00:16:20
Backpacking, fishing and photography trip to the Wind River Range of Wyoming. Started this video to show the wife/family what in the hell a guy does when he's alone in the wilderness on his photography trips. Then it turned into more of just trying to show how pretty it is up there. Don't think I did that very well though as I have no idea how to video stuff. Anyways, hope you enjoy. This was a solo 70+ mile 7 day backpacking trip of a lifetime. The first half was to Island Lake and Titcomb Basin In the northern Winds. Then I hiked out and drove to the southern Winds for the second half to Shadow Lake and East Fork Valley. East Fork Valley had a lot of bear activity evidence and a guy on the trail said there was a bear report in that area. Judging by the evidence it looked like a small or young bear(s). If you go there take bear spray and hang your food in a bear bag or canister. Caught 6 fish during the trip. The fish were so hungry that I'm sure if one had more time to actually concentrate on fishing that dozens could be caught. There was one day I caught a fish two casts in a row. I stopped after that due to bear fears. ha ha! I was using Panther Martin lures in case anyone is researching what to take up there. I feel like every time I go out solo that I change a little inside. A deeper connection with something. Not sure what it is but it's there. And this trip was no exception. 7 days alone in the wilderness can change a man. ha ha! I recommend that everyone that is able should try it some time in their lives. Ran into a few groups of Forest Service workers during the trip and one of them was out surveying established campsites at Shadow Lake. Metioned they're surveying to decide whether to start requiring paid permits or not. Said that Island Lake is the first one they're planning on doing. So, get up there while it's still free! Trail map for the first half of the trip to Island Lake and Titcomb Basin.. Trail map for the second half of the trip to Shadow Lake and East Fork Valley.. Music credits: Itro & Tobu - Cloud 9 Song: Paper Kites - Little Boy King Website: Song: Bon Iver - Halocene Website: Song: Paper Kites - Paint Website: Song: Of Monsters and Men - Dirty Paws Website: Video:
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