Destin, Florida: A Vacation From Our RV Vacation on the Gulf of Mexico's Emerald Coast

by Recreation 00:26:38
This is the last stop on the Great American Road Trip travel vlog. We just relax for a couple of days at the Emerald Coast, frolicking in the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico, eat some fabulous seafood, and then drive all the way to Panama City. Here we wish we were traveling in a van because there are many place we would love to stop for a bite or just enjoy the surf. From the blog: We are reaching the home stretch, the end of our epic road trip. In this last installment, the idea is to take a vacation from our vacation and do something totally different. We are just going to relax in the white sand and warm waters of the Emerald Coast of Florida. This is located in the Florida panhandle, on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico. We are splurging in one of the most expensive and coveted RV Parks in the United States, Camp Gulf, in Destin Florida. Our two nights here will be a grand total of $445 for a beachfront site. Is it worth it? You can be the judge of that but I thoroughly enjoyed waking up a stone throw away from the water. Our time here is spent as follows: beach, beer, seafood, repeat. Well there's a little more than that, and we did certain things line eating a freshly made Krispy Kreme, which didn't make it to the video. Why it didn't? Well I had my hands full of Krispy Kreme glaze goodness and didn't want to touch my phone. As we begin our return trip to South Florida, we cruise along, hugging the coast all the way to Panama City. I the video you get treated to a mesmerizing time lapse as we pass by all the Gulf Coast communities. Eventually we get on the interstate and after a long, long drive we make it to the 305, the local pseudonym for Miami.
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