Arizona Copper Art Museum

Points of Interest
Arizona Copper Art Museum, 849 Main St,, Clarksville, AZ, US, 86324 | Directions

The Town of Clarkdale, once a massive producer of metal, created billions of pounds of copper.   The State of Arizona, nicknamed “The Copper State”, has produced more than 125 billion pounds of copper, however, the metal has practically disappeared, sent away for others to use leaving little behind.

    The founders of the Copper Art Museum saw this void as a perfect opportunity, “to bring copper back to Clarkdale and the Copper State”,  and to show why society wanted the red metal.  To do so, we traced civilization’s path discovering a fantastic story one that has never been told before, surprisingly, not even by the world’s most famous museums.  We found that copper had taken a parallel path to that of mankind, and was used for practically everything needed.  Almost as if “copper" was man’s best friend.

A wonderful exhibit that teaches and amazes.