Deanna Rose Children's Farmstead

Points of Interest
Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead, 13800 Switzer Rd, Olathe, KS, US, 66221 | Directions

Bring your kids, grandchildren and family to this 12-acre "Children's Farmstead" learn the facinating history of the 1900s turn-of-the-century farm. The Deanna Rose Children's Farmstead is open daily from April 1 - Oct. 31.

Engineered to resemble a family farm, the Farmstead has almost 200 different animals and birds of prey! There are vegetable and flower gardens, and a one-room old time school house, a fishing pond, pony rides and more. 





Deanna Rose brings the charm of the farm to children living in the city. Children treasure such memories asbottle feeding baby goats, milking a cow and taking a horse drawn buggy ride through the woods. 2015 was the Farmstead's biggest year yet - it hosted more than 477,000 visitors from nearly every U.S. state and 17 countries.


Come and visit us today!