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As the only manufacturer in the world, JetSurf offers a complete lineup of boards with various types of propulsion.

JetSurf brings you the best motorized surfboards in the world.


Due to its fast growing popularity, JetSurf is proud to have dealers, academies, and service points at more than 55 places around the world. 


The Jetsurf is a jet propelled surfboard; capable of speeds up to 36mph. Motorized surfboards are not a new concept and have been around since the early 50's. The main thing that sets the Jetsurf apart from anything on the market is its size, weight and strength of the build. Weighing just 30lb unlike any previous motorized board, this one can be easily carried down to the beach, by a single person and handles like a true surfboard. With a range of up to 30 miles, it can be taken on long rides and the custom designed carbon fiber hull, allows the rider to take on the biggest swells as well the flat water.


JetSurf USA headquarters is located in Miami, Florida.


We are proud to be the World's Best JetSurf Dealer of 2019.


Discover the new 2021 models, visit our website to learn more