Newell Coach Corporation

3900 N Main St, Miami, OK, US, 74354 | Directions
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Owned and managed as a family business since its inception in 1967, Newell's success can also be traced to our commitment to our highly-skilled and talented workforce who put the customer first in everything they do. Our small, rural community in northeast Oklahoma provides the foundational values and craftsmanship that separate a Newell from any other motorhome.


What is the secret behind Newell Coach’s industry-leading style, engineering, and performance? There really is no secret at all. Unlike any other coach in its class, only the Newell is constructed using our own custom-engineered body and chassis. This allows the Newell to be built from the ground up to be what it was meant to be – a luxury motorhome. It is not engineered to be a passenger bus, and then
converted into a motorhome.


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