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by Recreation 23.01.20
Nice & Easy Easystart
Installed the EasyStart 364 on my Shadow Cruiser 277BHS. I actually lifted up the black foam cover and mounted it in the inside. Now I can remove the A/C plastic cover panel from inside my RV and then undue the zip ties and pull out my micro-air easystart to check it or visually check the led's for any error code (if I would ever need to) from inside of my RV. No requirement to use a ladder and climb up on the roof now.Total install time with the 5 resets about an hour or so!.. There are instructions online and many YouTube videos that helped out (thanks to those video makers)! Before installing, it would be helpful if you open up your A/C and determine mounting location and requirement for any additional wire extensions, I needed a white and a red extension due to my mounting location.
I have a Yamaha 2400W and I could always start my A/C (but only if ALL items were turned off and/or all breakers were switched off), once the A/C started, then we could turn on a couple lights or radio.
For my initial run test using my same Generator (and after performing the 5 restarts on shore power), I plugged in my Generator and turned on every light, the bathroom fan, the bedroom fan, the oven vent fan, and the radio; then I turned on the A/C and it started and the compressor kicked over very quietly and the Generator didn't even rev up.
So far, I am very impressed and we are excited for next years camping season to try it in warm weather and our high mountain elevation.
Bill R. on Nov 13, 2019

After dealing with the problem that my generator doesn’t like the load of my 13,500 BTU A/C unit. I decided to do a some research. I did a lot of video watching and read a lot of reviews on this page. After doing so and realizing that there wasn’t one bad review out of 180+ and being frustrated beyond all belief I order this soft start kit. I must say after reading and watching I had no doubt it would work. Well I got and went to work installing it. I had some issues with different colors of wires in their diagram and my factory A/C unit diagram. So I did what the instructions said take 3 picture of the unit they ask for and text it to a number. Then call it. So I did. I must say this was the best customer service I have ever had. I finished the install and did the 5 start ups from shore power as asked to do in the instructions. Well after hooking up my generator to my A/C unit and starting it. You couldn’t even tell the load of the A/C unit was even there. This is the best product and customer service I think I have ever seen. I highly recommend this product. Did exactly what it was designed to do. I should of done this a long time ago. Do hesitate just buy it!!! You won’t be disappointed!
Ken on Oct 31, 2019

Great product
This was easier to install than I thought it would be and works flawlessly. I have a Honda EU3000i generator that has just enough power to run my Dometic 15,000 BTU Brisk II A/C if everything else is turned off and the generator is not in Economy mode. With the Easy Start the generator easily starts the A/C unit in Eco mode. Burninman even more amazing thanks to EasyStart
Terri on Oct 13, 2019

With our 3400W Champion generator, starting the AC was always felt like a voodoo ceremony. It sometimes starts and sometimes it will run the generator into overload.
Dan on Sep 05, 2019

Very impressed - great product!
Installed an Easy Start on our 2018 AS 25FB. Was easy to install and after the learning process our 15K BTU A/C runs flawlessly on our Honda EU2200i generator. You really have to listen to hear the compressor cut in. So far I can run the A/C, fridge & TV in the eco mode with no problem at 1580 feet elevation. A little too small to add the water heater, but plan on getting another EU2200i to parallel in the future. Very impressed & great product!
Craig Nyirfa on Aug 06, 2019


The EasyStart 364 and the EasyTouch thermostat, along with other Micro-Air designs are manufactured for marine, RV and home thermostats and related comfort systems for those markets.  If a boat has air conditioning, a Micro-Air part likely made up the system. 


Our EasyStart 364 is the electronic soft starter that permits starting of A/C on low power sources, like a 2000W generator or even starting two A/C units on 30-amp power.  It is unparalleled in success, quality and volume of sales.  For Marine air conditioning, either our 364 or the larger EasyStart 368 will get the job done for you. The complex proprietary software of the unit starts marine air conditioners of 16,000-72,000 BTUs and below.  The Company also makes a variety of other marine parts, wall control thermostats and other comfort control products as it has since the early 1980s.  It even makes an EasyStart product for the home.


The 2020 arrival of the EasyTouch RV marks the introduction of the Company’s first RV wall control. Based upon its 40 years of marine business experience, the sleek and modern WiFi and Bluetooth-enabled EasyTouch RV is bound to shape the future of air conditioning control.  Its digital display and the related smart device app bring RV comfort into the 21st century with 21st century technology.  The market is ready for this gamechanger.


Visit our website at www.microair.net or review our Knowledge Bank at www.micro-air.com to learn more.

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