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The EasyStart 364 and the EasyTouch thermostat, along with other Micro-Air designs are manufactured for marine, RV and home thermostats and related comfort systems for those markets.  If a boat has air conditioning, a Micro-Air part likely made up the system. 


Our EasyStart 364 is the electronic soft starter that permits starting of A/C on low power sources, like a 2000W generator or even starting two A/C units on 30-amp power.  It is unparalleled in success, quality and volume of sales.  For Marine air conditioning, either our 364 or the larger EasyStart 368 will get the job done for you. The complex proprietary software of the unit starts marine air conditioners of 16,000-72,000 BTUs and below.  The Company also makes a variety of other marine parts, wall control thermostats and other comfort control products as it has since the early 1980s.  It even makes an EasyStart product for the home.


The 2020 arrival of the EasyTouch RV marks the introduction of the Company’s first RV wall control. Based upon its 40 years of marine business experience, the sleek and modern WiFi and Bluetooth-enabled EasyTouch RV is bound to shape the future of air conditioning control.  Its digital display and the related smart device app bring RV comfort into the 21st century with 21st century technology.  The market is ready for this gamechanger.


Visit our website at www.microair.net or review our Knowledge Bank at www.microair.com to learn more.

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