Camp Helen State Park

23937 Panama City Beach, Panama City Beach, Florida, US, 32413 | Directions
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One of the largest coastal dune lakes in Florida

The park is bordered on three sides by the Gulf of Mexico and Lake Powell, one of the largest coastal dune lakes in Florida. Coastal dune lakes are extremely rare worldwide; in the United States they occur only along the Gulf Coast.

Boating opportunities exist at Camp Helen State Park; in that we are located on Lake Powell and The Gulf of Mexico connected by Phillips Inlet. Camp Helen has no public boat ramp, no canoe launch facilities, nor tie-ups. The Lake Powell Park managed by Bay County does offer public boat ramp facilities. Caution is advised to any boater not familiar with these waters. Lake Powell is a relatively shallow Lake with a low clearance bridge transecting the Lake between the County Boat Ramp and the lower lake, Inlet and Gulf. The Lake is a coastal Dune Lake not a Bay. The inlet that connects the Gulf and the Lake is not maintained for vessel navigation. It meanders naturally from day to day. Boaters not experienced with these waters are recommended to not attempt navigating the inlet. Any craft that runs a ground is the responsibility of the crafts owner. Recommended boating opportunities are limited to smaller craft Sea Kayaks, Canoes, Fishing skiffs (John Boats), pontoon boats, Ski Boats, Bass Boats. Larger vessels may be a poor choice for boating enthusiast.

Camp Helen is located at 23937 Panama City Beach Parkway,Panama City Beach, FL, just west of the Phillips Inlet bridge on the Bay County and Walton county line. The entrance is South of U.S. Hwy 98 and approximately 6 miles west of State road 79.

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