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To Add a listing here are the steps


1) Join and add your account by clicking on the join button at the top right of the home page.


2) You will need to confirm the email address you signed up with and then log back in.


3) An end user will then be able to add classifieds, video or events.



The same steps above but when you long into your account.  Look for the Add a business plus symble and click on it.  Add your business information and hit save.


Once you have added your business, you will need to add your listing information and select a "advertising package" and then add your credit card information.  Once you have published the listing.  We moderate it on our end and the listing will be live within 12 hours.



Who Are We?


We are on a mission to become the recreation station for the beautiful state of Florida.  Our website works very much like Google in that we are a true search engine.  If the listed business has various keywords, they will come up depending on what is being searched for.


All residents of the state of Florida will have access to join this platform and post their events, classifieds and videos.  Businesses can join and add their business name first and then the business listing.  


Please reach out to us if you want to add a special keyword, we want to be the place to go for Florida fun in the sun.  


Because we are a technology company, we can help business owners with website designs and offer them at a reduced rate.  Please contact us.  If you are a publisher of newspapers/chambers etc, and want your own platform, please give us a call.  A % of sales of listings will go to help support the Veterans and our friends at Shelterbox.






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