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If you are one of the individuals who is looking into the tiny house movement and tiny house living as one option for your life style, well, look no further. Here at Tiny Idahomes we can build your customized tiny house travel trailer where it will fit your needs and your life style. Weather you want a tiny house to hit the road with or keep it more stationary, our tiny homes offer the comfort and coziness everyone needs. Recently, Tiny Idahomes has partnered up with Operation Tiny Home, a nonprofit organization that helps with down payment assist grants to help people that have been affected by hardship as in natural disasters and our heroes. It is a great program and we are excited to work with such a great organization and be able to help some of you make your dream come true!


Are you Military or Veteran, Law Enforcement, Fire Fighter, Emergency Medical Personnel or Pre-K – 12th Grade Teacher? OR, do you live in an area that was affected by a hurricane, wildfire or any other natural disaster? Aging out of Foster Care? Surviving Souse of a Military Member or Public Protector? You might be eligible for a Down Payment Assistance Grant!!!


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