American Coach

1803 Winchester St., Decatur, IN, USA, | Directions

America has never once imported luxury in the form of a motor coach, simply because no one understands the pursuit of progress like the men and women of America. Here at American Coach, we’re especially proud of this luxury distinction. Innovation runs in our blood, craftsmanship streams through our pores and patriotism drives our all-American designs. Come discover our American story, one of innovation in a world of elite luxury. America’s freedom is calling. Let our luxury move you.


Only in America does luxury look like a 40-foot motor coach, and it all stems from the hard-working men and women who pore their hearts and souls into this all-American product. It only takes one look at an American Coach to know luxury comes in many forms — meticulous craftsmanship, relentless innovation and impeccable styling.


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