Pilot Butte State Scenic Viewpoint $ 0

by Kelli Leiby 05th August 2019

Volunteer Type

Park Host (Day-Use Host)

Opportunity Title

Day-Use Host


Pilot Butte State Scenic Viewpoint

Public URL


Date From

Sunday, September 1, 2019

Date To

Monday, September 30, 2019

Estimated Hours

4 per day per person


Location Pilot Butte day use -Bend Oregon

Day use host

September 1st-30th

Come and explore Bend’s historic cinder cone right in the center of town. Hike up and around on one of three trails. Once at the top, get ready for a grand panoramic view of the high desert. Look to the West at sunset and admire the glow of the snow capped Cascade mountains. The parks staff and multitude of hikers need you!   We need a host or hosts for 4 hours per person a day, 5 days a week to keep an eye on things for us.  Weekends are the busiest. The summit road gate needs opened at  10 AM sharp; a security company will close the gate at night. We need someone to keep the restrooms clean and pull trash, snow removal in the winter and wander the trails and road to top patrolling for litter, vandalism,  answering questions and doing some rule advisory. You get to stay in an awesome full hookup site just off the east side trail head parking lot.  Please let me know if you have any questions or are interested!

Looking for a single host or set of hosts. Days off Tuesday-Wednesdays.