by Call Now 19th January 2018

This vehicle has approximately 20,000 miles on its rebuilt detroit series 40 engine. It has an Allison B500 transmission
The upper deck seats we will replace as that they are little faded so when completed they will look like to lower deck seats. 

Chassis to be 2000 or newer 40 ft Gillig Low Floor Transit Buses with shock absorbing bumpers and front ADA Compliant with wheelchair ramp.
Brakes, drums, brake hardware, belts, hoses, suspension, Bushings, airbags and front end components to be and replaced
Top level should seat 49 to 51 passengers.
Detroit Series 40 rebuilt engine and all new hoses. 
Lower lever should be 2 wheelchair stations and configured for maximum passengers
Seats should be lightweight plastic water resistant with drain hole and meet DOT specifications with seatbelts
Top floor to be water tight not to leak into lower cabin with drains
Linex flooring (black), colors optional.
Floor drains to outside (6)
Front programmable illuminated destination sign. If supplied on base unit re-installed
One front entrance doors on right side. 
Buyer will provide Great Guide Audio System to be installed with assistance of Great Guide wiring we be enclosed within bus walls
Must comply with NYC EPA Local law 41. Level 3 clean air exhaust system.
Removable railing for winter roof when applicable.
DOT compliant lighting.
Non Skid stair treads.
¾ marine plywood decking.
Side panels 0.90 aluminum.
Framing to be aluminum and steel tubing.
Driver's area to be heated and air conditioned.
Lower level must be heated and air conditioned.
Vehicle height not less the 12 ft. and not more than 12.6 ft. without winter roof.
Paint entire bus white 
Recertification tag affixed to vehicle.
Must pass New York State DOT safety Inspection.
Upper front windshield to be scratch free. (base unit items) 
Lower level lighting.
Back up camera with top view monitor for driver
12 volt drivers powers source (USB)
PA throughout both levels with plug in outlet on top deck. 
AM/FM/CD player through the PA system
Gangway illumination upper and lower deck and stairway lighting.