2010 Black and Silver Motorcycle Camper $ 2 500

by seller 08th March 2017

2010 black and silver motorcycle tent camper. The camper is the lightest you'll find and easily maneuvered into place by hand. In the compact position, you'll find roof racks for more luggage storage, as well as, an ice chest in the front that is contained in its own cooling bag secured by two seatbelt-like straps. Harley Davidson mud flaps decorate the bottom wheels that come with a unique iris rim. A key is needed to open the top, as it's secured with two locks.

When the unit is in open in bloom, you'll find a space that easily sleeps a queen with storage room underneath. The storage room underneath is also useable when the camper is folded back into containment because nothing folds into itself in that space. There are windows surrounding the entire bed space that can be zipped for privacy or opened to feel the breeze.

This tent camper is incredibly easy to hookup and go for a spur of the moment excursion on your motorcycle or any car or truck with a 2" ball hitch.

Thanks for reading and don't hesitate to ask any questions of interest.