Montana Is The Place to Be Right Now

by Powder Magazine 15th January 2018


Powder-starved Marcus Caston finds what’s he’s looking for in Big Sky


Every time the powder falls, any skier knows it’s time to drop everything and head to the mountain. For pro skier Marcus Caston, an early-season dump in Montana spurred the Salt Lake City resident to head out to a spot that he’d never been to before and see what Montana's mountains have to offer.


“They got 18 inches last night at Big Sky,” says Caston. “I’m really excited to ski some new spots.” After turning off the main road into Big Sky, Caston gets his first glimpse of Lone Peak. “You drive right through the meadow and it’s this cool little community of restaurants, and then a few minutes later you’re up at Big Sky Resort,” says Caston.


He marvels at the local skiers and how they were all there because of how hardcore this mountain is. While it’s understandable that locals tend to like to keep their hidden gems a secret, Caston continues to say that everyone is as friendly as ever and happy to share their local knowledge.



“There’s friendly folk up at Big Sky,” Caston says. Marcus Caston discovers why Montana is the place to be right now. PHOTO: Courtesy of Visit Montana


“Big Sky really surprised me with just how big it is,” Caston continues. “Four grand of vert from the top of Lone Peak, which kind of stands alone as this big magnificent peak with skiing on all sides of it.”  Caston met up with local skier Liv Grubaugh for the lowdown on Big Sky Resort.


“I love the terrain that we have here. You can have the mellowest day on one peak that you want … or you can ski the Headwaters down some big chutes,” says Grubaugh. “Skiing 300 degrees on the main peak is crazy because you could be skiing the south side and it’s like fun spring skiing, then you head to the north side and it’s blown-in powder. So, it’s a different world all in one day.”


With 360 degrees of access from the top of Lone Peak, there’s never a shortage of options at Big Sky. PHOTO: Courtesy of Visit Montana


Then the crew decided to round out the afternoon with a gorgeous, 1.6-mile hike through a beautiful gorge to 35-foot-high Ousel Falls. Caston continues to talk about how pleasant it was to get off the hill for a bit and enjoy some more of Montana's natural offerings. “It’s nice to have people visit, and show them where we live, and our beautiful backyard,” says Big Sky local Cara Lindeman. “This is right next to the Meadow Village, so we can come out here and get a quick hike in, and it’s just beautiful … It’s awesome living here.” And although the nightlife in the area--most notably, Big Sky’s Meadow Village--can keep the après appetite satiated, local skier Brian Stumpf insists that the social scene is just an added bonus. The real draw is all about “getting up early and going skiing.”


No matter what your appetite for adventure is craving, you’re likely to find it out in Big Sky, Montana.



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Monday, 15th January 2018, 04:11pm.
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