About WIKI Recreation

America's Favorite Recreation Destination!

About WIKI Recreation

Did you know there are over 6000 state parks in America?

That is just the state parks... not to mention the thousands of campgrounds and places to take your family on a relaxing vacation with all kinds of things to do, from fishing, to white water rafting or even the closest place to hunt wild game.  Just a little frustrated having to search for all kinds of things and not finding what you want?  Well, now you have a choice.  A true search engine for the recreation industry.  Do you want to spend 3 days searching all the search engines? or do you want to come to the search engine that is all about outdoor recreational activities. From the beauty of Mount Rainier in spectacular Washington State with its hiking trails, to Palo Doro in Texas, the second largest canyon in the country spanning 120 miles long and 800 feet deep to the Atlanta ocean and mountains of North Carolina, the back country of Moab Utah, or the beaches of Florida, we will make it our goal to bring you the best information we can find. 


So the question is, once you decide where to go, what are you going to camp in and where are you going?

Here at WIKI, we will strive to help you spend more time doing and less time searching. 


What you’ll find on WIKI Recreation:

Campgrounds.... from everywhere! Need to escape? Maybe your trying to find that amazing campground you heard everyone talking about over the water cooler. We have a comprehensive list of campgrounds from all over the United States to help you locate exactly where you want to go.  We are adding them as fast as we can.  If you have a campground and want to be listed, feel free to add your listing! 

Camping Equipment and supplies.... Need a sleeping bag? Pop up tent, hunting clothes, fishing gear? We have all of those stores too! We are reaching out to all suppliers that service the recreation industry, from camping and RV's to everything in between.  Surfing, Hunting, Boating, Motorcycles, Golfing, well...you get the idea.  If you have a business that you think will fit, we encourage you to add your listing.  You can also add events and classifieds.  Even if you don't have a business, you can sell recreation equipment via our classifieds.  Feel free to list that vehicle, surfboard, motorcycle or what have you.  We will also run articles from those people that have something to say, so feel free to reach out with your story and photos!  Tell us about your favorite campground or favorite experience. 

Recreational Vehicles Sales, Service, Repair and Parts....Whether you are looking to purchase your first recreational vehicle, or a seasoned pro ready to trade it in, we will help you find the place and vehicle you're looking for to meet your recreational needs. We list all the manufacturers and dealers that supply the proper equipment.  We are also working on a parts and supply catalog so you can find just the right part for your big rig or boat.  We are working now on adding motorcycle and boat dealers and you'll start seeing those listingss as fast as we can load them. 

What is your favorite outdoor activity?...We have categories from fishing to hunting and white water rafting, looking for the best place to do that? Just do a search by your favorite city and you'll come up with a list of wonderful things to do. Videos to help you understand many different things, from how to empty a gray tank to a go-pro video of a white water rafting experience, you'll see many different things that you can search on to show you a place you've never been and if you have a fantastic video to share with all of us, you can simply log in and upload it yourself. We exist to help you enjoy your best vacation and outdoor recreational experience.  Feel free to share your adventure with us!  info@wikirecreation.com will get your information to the right department and we'll share your trip! Or simply private message us on our Facebook page, we'd like that too!  We won't get easily offended if you have suggestions to make the site better.  Feel free to reach out, we are just getting started and would love to collaborate!

Meet Team WIKI


Chief Recreation Officer, (CEO) JoAnna Weeks

So JoAnna woke up one morning on her life's journey while living on board her Winnebago Journey and decided that it may be fun to have a search engine for the recreation industry. When we say recreation, we mean more than just RV's and campgrounds and state parks, but boating, hunting, surfing, diving, hiking, and the list goes on and on.  The beauty is that we can turn on a keyword for anything. Partnered with the development team from Yabsta, a software platform (over 10 years old), we decided this would be a great addition to make our goal a reality.

WIKI Recreation is a true nationwide search engine and our goal is to provide a one stop shop for everything related to your journey outside. We are a huge work in progress, and like so many things that are awesome, it will take some time to build us out.  For now Listings are free (you can sign your own business up) for anyone that supports the recreation industry.  Of course like all things, if you'd like your business to be first in the results by your keyword for your state or nationwide or to enhance your listing you may do so by adding your information, and help support our social & financial efforts.  We'd like that! If you are a writer and would like to submit an article, please feel free to send us your story with some photos and we will share it with the community. The best thing you can do is tell 20 of your closest friends about us.  In time? we shall see.  Visit us often, make suggestions, we'll hear you, now go outside and enjoy life! (By the way, just as an FYI, for those following the news media about search engines doing "political" stuff, we are completely NOT in that space.  We allow all people to list their businesses in America, and DON"T share your data or need anything from you.  :-), OK, now that we got that out of the way. Whew! )


Chief Financial Officer, (CFO) Tye Johnson

Tye brings two decades of financial leadership to the WIKI Recreation team. His broad experience spans investment management, banking, technology, and retail industries in both large and small organizations. Tye’s focus on performance at intersection of finance and operations helps propel WIKI Recreation's growth from a stable foundation.

When he is not analyzing the numbers, Tye can be often found exploring the Pacific Northwest with summer days on Lake Roosevelt Houseboats or a spring hike to Lake Hyas

  Chief Trailer Officer, (CTO) Yuri Kulchytsky

Yuri’s goal is to have the WIKI platform become the go to source for all life's fun moments. His responsibility is to have our trailer cruising smoothly and on its road to becoming all things recreation WIKI.

He has technical background of more than 15 years and when we say technical, we do not mean he is an RV mechanic as someone might have thought. He is our software platform chief mechanic and a keen traveler. Yuri works with some of the brightest software developers and search engine marketing people on the planet. You will meet them soon.

He is certain that in time, WIKI will be the go to place for all things recreation.


Chief Content Officer, Claire Dojcsak

Claire comes to us from Knoxville Tennessee where she tries to escape being the mother of 4, count them 4 children, can you imagine?  She has to work for us to keep her sanity, and is in charge of writing and communications.  Claire is a whiz when it comes to new ideas for our website and you'll see some of her articles to help you in your new journey.

We know she is going to be the author of a very fine children's book one day soon.


Development team: Andrew and Alex, Irene, Galina, and Oxana

In our humble opinion, they are the best development team on the planet. Pizza and beer is not what usually fuels them, although sometimes it does. More often, it is dark chocolate and coffee that they need to keep them going.

Their brains are whirling day and night non-stop working to deliver the simplicity, stability, and speed to all WIKI platform users, as well as proper recognition and visibility to all our future friends.

Expect cool new features to appear in WIKI every now and then thanks to them. The WIKI development team says hi and welcome aboard! Thank you for joining us on this fantastic journey.

(Group photo coming as soon as soon as we can stop them long enough)


Chief UX and GUI architect, Nadya Vinograd

When it comes to ease of use and visual look of our WIKI platform, Nadya is the person. She was one of the first people who understood the power of UX for web design and is a huge advocate of it.

Her main goal is to help you find and see what you were looking for on every page easily and in esthetically pleasing look & feel. She is happy to share her sense of beauty and understanding of simplicity with all our friends who are keen on recreation.


Chief Resident RV Expert, Pal Dojcsak

Pal comes to us with a wealth of RV knowledge and experience, boasting over 15 years in the automotive and recreational vehicle industry. His professional background is all about RV's from sales to service and warranties, if you have a question he is sure to be able to help you find a solution.  He does work full time at A & L RV in Tennessee.  You may see him from time to time on the big screen in our "how to video's". He is also a very special person in the life of Claire Dojcsak as you can see in the photo.

If you have a question about your RV, feel free to contact us with your question (info@wikirecreation.com) and we'll try and respond within 24 hours.


Chief Travel Writer, Andrea Kirkpatrick

Imagine yourself walking outside and stepping on the deck of a sail boat in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Yes it actually happened to her in 2015.  She randomly hopped on a catamaran and sailed from Australia to South Africa without ever sailing a day in her life.  She is also a mean white water rafting guide when she isn't on the clock.

Andrea  graduated from Missouri State University with a recreation degree and loves all things Recreation based.  Who knew that actually existed right?!?  She will be bringing articles about recreation experiences.  Feel free to send her a challenge to do and she will write about it!  She is all over the world, so don't be surprised to see her in your neck of the woods soon! You may also want to follow her on her website: www.finnigansflight.com